The Countless Types Of Gyms And What To Consider When Choosing Which One Is Right For You

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

We're given so many options when it comes to joining a gym but which one has your best interest? Which one welcomes you with open arms and continues to support you even after you've reached your goals? Here are some tips below on how to choose which one is right for you.

So February is coming to an end and you still haven't joined a gym. Choosing a gym can be a difficult dilemma to navigate but to make things easier on yourself, you want to take four thoughts into consideration before you make a commitment.

How much can you currently afford for a gym?

What is your current fitness level?

What goals do you aspire to reach?


Last but not least, what type of atmosphere or gym culture are you looking for?

Now before you make a decision on joining any gym it's important to point out the various types of gyms and how they can best serve you and your goals.

Commercial Gyms:

Commercial gyms are a dime a dozen and populate most of your metropolitan cities. These gyms offer classes, trainers, and come with different membership options to suit you and your current fitness goals. One thing to note is commercial gyms are relatively affordable with memberships ranging anywhere from $10-$20 a month. If you're inclined to bring a friend or utilize more member resources you may see a slight price increase in your membership. Gym equipment is prevalent and staff are usually helpful with offering assistance. The gym culture or atmosphere can vary from location to time frame and people from all walks of life from the 9-5 gym goer to the know it all gym guru come together under one roof to make their gains.

Private Studio Gyms:

If you're looking to grow and have more personable attention on your goals then consider joining a private facility. The fees can vary from every private studio gym and can sometimes be less affordable then intended.This gym tends to dedicate more one on one time to members and still comes with the added benefit of classes. Private studio gyms can often make people who are new to fitness feel more comfortable about starting down a new path or dealing with the anxiety of starting something new. Although some private facilities lack the equipment of commercial gyms they provide a conducive outlet for competing with the best in terms of competency and being able to provide assistance and devoted attention regardless of your fitness level.

Crossfit Gyms:

Crossfit gyms are the mecca of workout facilities. Crossfit offers a specialization of beyond average gym goers the opportunity to go the extra mile. Facility fees can range from $20-$150 dollars but for a newcomer offer a strong base of support and gym culture. Since crossfit is a specialized fitness regimen you'll quickly come across people who are dedicated and passionate about their craft and who aspire to help others along the way. Although crossfit is intense you can judge a great gym and its staff by one who will meet you at your fitness level and take time and patience in helping you with your goals.

Luxury Gyms:

Health and wellness can be expensive and for the man or women who enjoys treating their body like a high performance car, the best is available at a price. These facilities can start at a minimum of $50 dollars and exceed well beyond $150 plus. The first class of gym memberships usually includes amenities such as pools, Jacuzzi, saunas, steam rooms, and athletic turf fields. These facilities are home to the clientele of businessman or woman all the way to the professional athlete. With a well trained staff of fitness professionals, these gyms can offer much more than just equipment. Assessments, follow-ups, and massages are some of the services offered. The culture is fun, exciting, and relax moods full of a community of people enjoying the journey of improvement.

Decisions that affect your health and wellness are important and when making an investment in a gym you want to be an informed consumer who can make the best decision for his or her health, longevity, and future.


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