How Can I Get Fit With Little Investment?

Imagine training everyday or showing up to the gym and getting no results....

Yeah I thought about that too and immediately became frustrated. Most people feel like working out is a big investment, and it is when it comes down to life experiences.

A lot of times the investment becomes more of a liability because there is no target or goal in mind.

When trying to get fit you want to do the following:


A training goal or SMART goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and comes with a time limit. By identifying a clearly defined purpose for achievement you eliminate any confusion and reinforce how you plan to reach your objective. Whether you're trying to look like a snack, meal, or just be healthy in general it's important to know the best road to travel in your journey to a better you.


I know a lot of people don't understand the science of structuring workouts or training splits and this is where personal trainers come into play but in the event you find yourself doing it alone, then you can break workouts up in several ways.

Push/Pull split- Push/pull days allow you to spend minimum time in the gym throughout the week because you're splitting up the mechanics of movement into two categories. This method should allow you ample time to recover and make your way towards your next training session refueled and ready to take on the next set of movement mechanics.

Full body split-This training split offers you just as much rest as the first and applied focus on compound movements in this area can deliver great progression if you're short on time but still looking to make progress.

Muscle group splits- Splitting muscle groups keep the attention and emphasis on maximising potential gains in a certain area. This training split is often used when an individual has the time to focus on their progress, recovery, and nutrition as they make advances in muscular adaptation as well as nutritional adherence.

Specialized training splits- There are various training methods and each offer a different approach to your goals. Strength training may suit your needs in the beginning but depending on your end goals you may need to modify your training splits to place a emphasis on hypertrophy which is an increase in muscular size through progressive training adaptations.

All of these training splits will vary according to the individual and lifestyle but specifically the training goals and capabilities of a person to ensure whatever progress attained can be maintained and continued overtime.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: A object or goal never measured has no value. If you don't know what you have achieved so far you have no clue how far you have come and where you can go. Tracking progress is crucial in the beginning and serves as a benchmark when you're starting out. They're plenty of apps available for download through the apple store or google play that can help you keep a record and track progress. Some notable apps I consider pertinent are:

Fast Habit- Fast habit will give you the benefit of tracking how long you've been fasting if you're following a keto based diet. The app includes custom reminders, weekly reviews, and weight tracking which are available through the upgraded or pro version of the application.

MyFitnessPal- My fitness pal is a nutrition application available through google play and the iphone app store. With this app you can track your macronutrients and set weight goals or even maintenance caloric levels for maintaining while you make advances in or out the gym with your training.

Daily Water: Daily water helps you keep track of water intake to help you reach your goals of daily hydration. The app is customized to make transferring metric units easy and variances of drink sizes. Unfortunately this application is only available for IOS users.

Pillow- Is another app that allows you to see how much quality sleep you receive. It comes equip with several functions that can assess how much sleep you'll receive and how much of that sleep was spent in the third stage of REM sleep. This mobile application is only available through IOS but the android alternative is Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock which delivers similar results.

CONSISTENCY & INTENSITY: With any workout you can't expect to make progress if you never adhere to a program or any degree of consistency. Your minimum progression will plateau unless you continue to push and gain momentum overtime. This is where accountability coaches come in handy. Modified training variables and maximum effort on your part are surefire ways to deliver you the most results for little investment. Keep your workouts intense and distractions to a minimum while you're in the gym.

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